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Baby swimming lessons Singapore should be safe. Floaties and water wings keep young children upright in the pool and help strengthen their core. But make no mistake, they are not life vests and should never replace the parent, especially if they are four years or younger. Do not float where you cannot swim!

Parents Thoughts

Parents always think they will hear their kids’ cries for help. This is a huge, possibly heartbreaking mistake. If your son gets into a fix, he will not be screaming for you because he will be too focused on keeping his airway above water. In 20 to 60 seconds, he will sink and oxygen deprivation will quickly set in.

cute baby swimming in the pool


Sports Singapore advises that at baby swimming lessons, parents should accompany their baby even when there is an instructor present. “Parents should not be distracted by other activities,” said Ms Fong. “They should stay vigilant to help keep watch over the baby swimming lessons and alert the instructor, or render help when necessary.”


Small children most often drown in pools. For children under four years old, it is essential to maintain supervision within arm’s length. Better yet, stay in the water with them. It is great bonding time!

Is it Safe?

At the pool, while my baby is swimming, I usually relax nearby, toying with my phone and watching videos. I am sure I can hear him call out — I have a parent’s sharp ears! Anyway, he is wearing his trusty floaties and lifeguards are always around.

While there are many swimming schools around, thirty minutes of baby swimming lessons is more than sufficient than a 60 minutes or even two hours per 1 lesson. Its not about longer time equals better baby swimming lessons.

Lesson Plan

Lesson plan is very important for you to choose your baby swimming lessons efficiently and effectively. Executing the structured content professionally is even more important. See Ya Soon!

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