Best Swimming Lessons Singapore

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Best Swimming lessons in Singapore is not possible without discipline

Best swimming lessons in Singapore had always been emphasized by Little Fishes by looking at Safety first. A good floating position is essential for you to be safe thus able to swim comfortably in the water. When falling into the water, you cannot panic but relax and float like a baby. After floating, try to orientate yourself and get a good footing by standing with one leg at a time. You do not want to falter and panic while trying to stand. By keeping your hands straight, you will get the optimum buoyancy position. Discipline will also be enforced when the children cannot jump or play around in water with this position.

Class Formation

There are many types of class formation. The class formation that I like is the straight line method when trainers are able to see the participants clearly hence safety will not be compromise. The last thing you want to know is where is my child?

Line of Sight for Best swimming lessons in Singapore

Always make sure that trainers’ back are not behind the students. Trainers must be able to see the trainees at all times. Activities instructions must be firm and clear. Shouting at the students do not correspond to be firm.

Class Size for Best swimming lesson in Singapore

Swim Safer recommends 1 coach to a maximum of 10 students. The number of participants for the swimming lesson is determined by the the costs of running 1 swimming lesson safely.

Economies of scale

In order to have a lower number of participants for swimming lessons in Singapore, course fees have to be increased to compensate for the costs of running the swimming lessons.

Swimming coaches pay

Swimming coaches do not make a lot of money just by looking at the number of students that they have. The number of students in the class will fluctuate dramatically. Weather or no show will affect the class size.

Smaller classes or bigger swimming classes?

Too low a fee for a smaller swimming class will definitely sacrifice safety. Professional development and annual licensing has also be made to professional body. It all boils down to balance.

Adhering to time and day allocated for Safe swimming lessons

Adhering to allocated class day and time is important for class management. Lesson plan and safety will be compromised for not attending lessons at the stipulated timing as agreed. Changing of lesson schedule will affect safety also. Trainers will not be able to remember your child presence with the frequent changing of day and time.

Are coaches certified?

Please check and ensure that your coaches are certified and accredited appropriately. The basic requirement has to be a swim safe instructor with the national governing body. Stringent check and balances had always been in place throughout the years for anyone who flouts its rules

Importance of choosing a swim safe coach

Swim safe instructors will also be penalized heavily if anyone flouts the rules and regulations of Sports Sg . Penalties meted out by this authority can also very heavy.

Group or individual swimming lessons in Singapore

Choosing a group lesson will benefit from economies of scale but choice of timings will be affected. Focusing on this choice will compromise on convenience and Safety. Proper grouping is thus important with the same level and preferably same age group.

Venue to choose

There are many swimming pools to choose to have your lessons but little fishes prefers your own swimming pool as this in not only convenient for you but also will not be affected by lightning alerts.

Is lightning alerts really necessary?

Lightnings wont strike any swimming pools that is part of a building in the world. Will you be called out of the swimming pool in any Hotels or any condominiums around the world? When we are walking to our work place in a thunderstorm, do we call our bosses that we cant get to work because there’s lightning? Historically lightning had not strike any internal part of any buildings in the world. Is Lightning alert an over kill or highly exeggerated excuse to close the facility?

Purpose for National water safety council

The purpose of the National water safety council is to promote water safety to all Singaporeans. Its initiative is to initiate and co-ordinate public education efforts on water safety in swimming pools and open waters.

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