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Do you want to learn how to swim? Are you planning to teach your child swimming? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need a trusted and renowned swim school that offers the highest quality swimming lessons Singapore companies can offer. If you are on the lookout for the best private swimming lessons provider, look no further than Little Fishes.

Little Fishes is the best Swimming School in Singapore. We offer swim lessons that cater for people of all ages and levels of ability. All of our swimming instructors are fully licensed by the Singapore Sports Council and we have a wealth of experience in teaching both adults and young children how to swim with our expertly structured private lessons.

Learn How to Swim from our Experienced and Committed Swimming Coaches

When it comes to choosing a Singapore swim school, you need to assess the experience and expertise of the coaches available. At Little Fishes, we have a team of vastly experienced, dedicated, disciplined, and passionate coaches. You can learn how to swim systematically and also in a fun way under the supervision of our accomplished swimming coaches.

Planned and Structured Swimming Programs

You can always expect planned and structured swimming classes with us. Creating a safe and fun learning environment, we make the learning process easy and enjoyable. As a trusted private swimming lessons provider, Little Fishes follows a proven, systematic method of approach with a clear focus on quality and affordability.

Proper Monitoring & Fast Learning

Our instructors don’t pressurize you as a student to learn quality. Our focus is to maximize your potential while letting you enjoy the basics of swimming. Instead of using any pressured tactics, we keep our students relaxed by making things fun. However, timely monitoring and proper guidance are provided to make our swimming classes results-oriented. This approach helps kids and adults reach their potential easily and quickly. You can always expect a friendly approach from all of our certified Singapore swimming teachers.

Flexible Swimming Lessons Singapore

Little Fishes offers a myriad of swimming classes to suit the varying needs of different people. Our classes are open to babies, toddlers, kids, adults, ladies and developmentally-challenged children. You can also approach us for prenatal swimming, family swimming, corporate swimming, school holidays intensive swimming  and school & organization swimming lessons.

Top-of-the-line Infrastructure & a Safe, Controlled Environment

Being a responsible and reliable Singapore swimming school, we are committed to offering you the best learning experience to all of our students. Providing top-of-the-line water sanitization and filtration systems, we provide a controlled and comfortable environment in which to swim. All of our indoor heated swimming pools contain crystal clear water to protect  your health. We conduct classes at 22 different venues to accommodate the evolving needs of a large number of people. You can select the most suitable venue based on your needs.

Little Fishes is simply the best place to learn to swim. We maintain a hygienic and safe indoor swimming pool environment with a combination of top-quality salt chlorinators and UV filters. That is to say, you can learn swimming in a pool that is perfectly safe. With a pool temperature that’s maintained between 30-32 Celsius, you can learn to swim in warm crystal clear water without the worry about your sun damaged skin, dry hair, stinging eyes or shivers.

Providing high-quality amenities for kids, adults and strong swimmers, we are dedicated to fulfilling the evolving needs of our customers. You can choose a kid’s pool, wading pool, or a lap or competition pool based on your age and level of ability. Our focus is to deliver the best swimming lessons for our customers and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Effective Swimming Lessons At #1 Singapore Swim School

We understand that the idea of getting in the water can seem pretty daunting if you’ve never been swimming before, but you shouldn’t worry if you can’t swim at all, as all of our students are closely guided by our dedicated swimming coaches throughout each and every lesson. We offer the most effective swimming lessons Singapore has to offer thanks to the systematic approach we use that involves stroke correction and analysis gained from underwater pictures taken during the lesson and our unique balanced scorecard system. The proven methods used by our instructors are offered at competitive rates and many of our swimmers graduate with certificates recognized by Sport Singapore. That’s what you get when choosing the very best Singapore swimming teachers for your learning needs.

Personalized programs and group classes

Our number one priority is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We offer personalized swimming lessons in Singapore where you can expect your instructor’s full attention. We also offer effective swimming lessons for groups where each individual gets a lot of opportunity to socialise and learn to swim in a fun way. You can choose your favorite option based on your needs and budget.

Private Swimming Lessons Singapore for People of All Ages


Steven is the principal swimming Instructor for Little Fishes Singapore and he has over 20 years of experience in providing effective and fun swimming lessons for kids, adults and advanced competition swimmers.

Advanced Swimming classes for Experienced People

We not only offer basic swimming lessons in Singapore but also provide advanced swimming and diving classes for experienced and passionate people. At Little Fishes, our advanced swimming tuition includes life-saving courses, sea adventure courses, platform & springboard diving lessons, and open water swim-safer courses.

You can also seek our expertise to enhance your skills for participating in various swimming competitions. That is to say, we offer competitive swimming training for all people who want to pursue a professional swimming career. At Little Fishes, we have specialized swimming coaches who know the nuances of competitive swimming and can fine-tune your skills to help you win Singapore-based and international competitions.

You can always expect a fruitful and fulfilling learning experience when you attend our swimming lessons Singapore. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to meeting the requirements of our customers. Our accomplished experts, superb infrastructure, systematic approach and high affordability combine harmoniously to deliver an enjoyable learning experience for each student.

Why Choose Us?

Fully Qualified

All our instructors are certified by the Singapore National Registry of Coaches (NROC) and Singapore Swimming Teachers Association (SSTC). We hire only Singapore Sports Council accredited instructors who are fully trained in the most advanced life-saving skills, including CPR.

Highly Experienced

My name is Steven and I am the principal swimming instructor at Little Fishes. I have more than 20 years of experience in teaching toddlers, babies, infants and adults to swim with patient and effective methods. This experience has taught me that everyone has different ways in which they need support in learning to swim, so a one-size-fits-all approach for swimming tuition is not a good way to proceed. What it also taught me is that improvements can be made to anyone’s swimming style, meaning that anyone – and I mean anyone – can learn to swim. During this time I have also taught competitive swimming at Singapore Swimming Club, American club, British club, YMCA (Japanese section), MOE school programs, as well as providing swimming lessons at Australian, American and Canadian international schools. As a result of this extensive experience, I have the skill and expertise to write and deliver programs that can meet all of your swimming instruction needs.

Cost-efficient & Transparent

Offering state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, Little Fishes is determined to surpass the expectations of our customers and our commitment to quality, safety and hygiene are uncompromising. However, you don’t need to pay us a high price for our swimming lessons, as we offer a perfect blend of quality and affordability. Our method of approach is 100% transparent and honest and a trustworthy Singapore swim school, we follow ethical practices to build long-lasting relationships with each customer. When you get in touch with us to attend group or private swimming lessons, you can talk to one of our experts beforehand, so that you are aware of the exact schedule and price. We disclose everything you need before letting you choose a suitable Singapore swimming program. You can also visit our “Rate and Fees” page to get a clear idea about the price.

10k Happy Swimmers

Having worked with so many vendors, I am thankful to have been able to work with so many students, as it equipped me with a detailed insight into the many different learning behaviors and objectives of each unique learner swimmer. Every student taking private swimming lessons has the same expectation, but faces different challenges when trying to get there. To date, I have taught more than 10,000 happy swimmers who can now call themselves safe and competent swimmers – something that fills me with great pride. It’s not always straightforward though, as good things often don’t come easy and the term ‘no pain no gain’ certainly applies. I constantly strive to improve my swimming lesson programs to ensure that there’s more gain than pain and to those 10,000 swimmers who’ve gone through this journey with me, I thank you for the opportunity!

Gold Medalist Trainers

Gold medals belong to all the swimmers who’ve gone through our gruelling advanced Singapore swim lessons and to all the vendors that have worked with us over the last two decades. My full respect goes to those swimmers who’ve endured the pain to achieve the best form and lap times and to the swimming coaches who have put the hard yards in to create different programs that care for every type of training need. These coaches and students have illustrated the awesome results that can be achieved at all levels and with this approach, we can discover the next Joseph Schooling or Michael Phelps. Sure, it takes hard work and complete dedication to become a sporting hero like this, but with the right application and the right swimming teachers, the next one could be you!

What our Students Say?

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