Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore

kids swimming lessons Singapore varies but same focus

Kids swimming lessons in Singapore varies however all swimming lessons focus on safety as key. The right assessment and the right categorization of classes is thus very important. Kids learn well in the right class and with the right swimming program.

therapeutic solution in kids swimming lessons

Swimming lessons is popular as it will help to improve our health, body and soul. Swimming is cool activity especially with Summer all year round. Swimming is also known to have therapeutic effects in many parts of the world also.

Importance of safety for water activities with a good swimming school

Being water safe is necessary before starting and during any water activities in Singapore. Take the Plunge today with Little fishes Singapore

Class Management in kids swimming lessons

Good class management is essential for a safe learning environment. Safety will not be compromised with a good class management. Lessons will also be more effectively delivered. An adult on deck will be useful during lessons to provide safety and coordination by the pool deck for class safety and good class management.

Managing fun and with discipline

Managing fun during swimming lessons can be a hassle without discipline in Singapore. With Little fishes to handle each and every lessons will help to ensure good quality control and command.

Swimming will give us a great work out

A well proportioned and well toned body is the result of good swimming training. Swimming is the only sport that can help our body to workout on all muscle parts and minimize injuries on our joints at the same time.

Lesson Programs

Swimming lessons in Singapore normally uses the Swimsafer 2.0 syllabus however International Schools in Singapore uses the ASTA syllabus. The difference in both programs is that the latter is more lifesaving centric whereas the ASTA program is more strokes centric. Both programs have their advantages and disadvantages with ASTA program on 30 min duration while the Swim Safer program has 45 min or 60 min duration

ASTA program

ASTA syllabus comprises of Jelly fish, tadpoles, goldfish and penguins in the lesson plan. All programs teach water safety and body streamline as core. All programs have their advantages as well as disadvantages. At Little Fishes Singapore Swimming School, we use the hybrid for all our programs

Duration for each lessons

Lessons duration for toddlers is different to the lesson duration for a child or for an adult. More lesson time do not equate to better classes or other wise. The importance of learning is to understand the lessons clearly and not stress the child out intentionally with more time and more time but no positive outcome. Every lessons is important. We cannot have ten lessons in one lesson as this is not only stressful but also not productive. We need good time management to be able to have good les


The other swimming lesson that i like is the Singapore teachers association for distance swimming awards which comprises of many disciplines and mileage as well.

My opinion

I like the challenge of 100 times of the 50 m pool. I will like to know if anyone has anyone swam a hundred laps of butterfly. I will also like to know if anyone had made a timing of under 8 s for a 25 m sprint.

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