Tampines Swimming Complex


Swimming can be defined in many ways. For instance, swimming is a sport, an exercise, a way to relax and meditate and an activity to refresh yourself. Furthermore, there is no age limit or limitation of the background when you can learn swimming. Understanding the need, we bring you the Tampines Swimming Complex. A swimming complex that provides for all your swimming needs regardless of your age or background.

Swimming Lessons in Tampines Swimming Complex

Tampines Swimming Complex has a range of swimming lessons to offer for every age group. The complex offers the following swimming lessons:


Baby Swimming Lessons ( 4 to 24 Months Old)

Like all other professional swimming complexes, Tampines Swimming Complex also offers state of the art swimming programs for Babies. As opposed to the popular view, swimming is amazing for babies. According to studies, swimming around the age of 6 months is extremely beneficial for babies. This not only helps to strengthen the babies’ muscles but also speed up their growth. Thus, we invite you to visit the Tampines Swimming Complex with your little angels and see the splash around in the water.

a group of children smiling with a man teaching them to swim in a swimming pool

Kids Swimming Lessons

We all know that Kids love water and that is why it is important for them to learn swimming early in life. As a result, Tampines Swimming Complex offers great swimming lessons for kids. The sessions are scheduled keeping in view the parents’ schedules. Hence multiple sessions are arranged throughout the week. You can check out with our team the timings that will suit you the best. Furthermore, Tampines Swimming Complex offers a very kid-friendly environment where the kids will simply love to spend their days. Thus, you can feel safe and secure while your kids learn swimming at Tampines Swimming Complex.

Adult Swimming Lessons

In addition to the kids learning sessions, the complex also offers adult learning sessions. These sessions are available for adults who could not learn swimming at an early age. As a result, if you are an adult who could not find time at the early stage in life you should not worry at all. Tampines Swimming Complex offers great adult swimming lessons that will make you a swimming pro in no time.

doing butterfly stroke in competition

Private Swimming Lessons

Furthermore, for all those who feel uncomfortable with the group learning environment, special private swimming lessons are arranged. These lessons can be scheduled after discussion with our instructors and checking their availability. It is important to note that these sessions cost higher than regular sessions but you can get the undivided attention of the instructors. Either way that you feel comfortable you can schedule the sessions after discussion with the Tampines Swimming Complex management.

Lifesaving Courses

Keeping in view the emergency needs one can face in life, special lifesaving courses have been arranged. These courses aim to impart basics about lifesaving and how you can make yourself useful if you see someone in danger around water. The instructors for these courses are usually lifeguards and other swimming experts. These instructors are well-versed in the art of swimming, lifesaving and providing life support for people who are rescued after drowning. Thus, this is a wonderful course being offered by Tampines Swimming Complex.

swimmers underwater in formation

Lady Swimming Lessons

Similarly, keeping in view the requirement of ladies we have designed special swimming lessons for ladies. These sessions are available for ladies who do not feel comfortable to learn in mixed groups. Thus, if you want to join the all-ladies program at the complex you can contact us and discuss further details.

Family Swimming Lessons

What can be greater than the entire family learning to swim together? But this is all possible now with Tampines Swimming Complex family swimming lessons. These lessons are available for families who want to learn swimming together. We believe that learning to swim together is one of the best healthy activities that a family can undertake. As a result, you can learn to swim along with your family at Tampines Swimming Complex.

happy students posing in the pool

Corporate Swimming Lessons

In order to accommodate the corporate sector, special corporate swimming programs are also available at the complex. Like dinners and traveling perks, we encourage the corporate sector to spend their free time in healthy activities like swimming. As a result, we offer these corporate lessons for professionals who want to learn swimming in the little time they have.

What’s More to Learn About Tampines Swimming Complex?

Tampines swimming complex is a massive public swimming complex which has been relocated to Our Tampines Hub Level 6. It is managed by Sport Singapore. Tampines Sports Centre, situated in a mature estate, is formerly known as Tampines Sports and Recreation Centre. Tampines Swimming Complex has undergone major changes for providing better changes to its users and community. The current positioning of Tampines complex favors the emerging trend of lifestyle services. It is huge and designed by keeping in mind the needs of the family. There are six beautiful areas to explore located on the breezy open-air rooftop. The Tampines swimming lessons for kids, as well as adults, are popular on weekends and weekdays. There are different themed huge water areas for kids with beautiful slides. Ranging from kids who want to enjoy in water to swim enthusiasts looking for a rigorous workout, you’ll find the right pool for your needs. The area contains six swimming pools including a wading pool, competition pool, learning pool, synchronized swimming pool, children’s pool, and Jacuzzi. These pools cater to the needs of swimmers of all age levels and groups. This complex serves as the young community for families as well as the elderly people.

Ways to Reach Tampines Swimming Complex

The nearest stations to Tampines Swimming Complex are: Tampines Ave 5 – Opp Darul Ghufran Mque (75121) is 311 meters away, 6 min walk.
Station Tampines Ave 5 – Bet Blks 701/702 (75131) is 333 meters away, 6 min walk. Tampines Ave 5 – Our Tampines Hub (76051) is 345 meters away, 6 min walk. Blk 522b Roadside is 507 meters away, 8 min walk. Our Tampines Hub, South Plaza is 673 meters away, 10 min walk.


Our Tampines Hub, Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523 Telephone Number: 63853718
Tampines Swimming Complex is located near to three important shopping malls, the MRT station, and the bus interchange. It is only 1.5 km away from Block 201 Market, and 2.1 km away from East Point, Giant Hypermarket, and Courts Singapore HQ. Besides that, it is 600 m away from Century Square and 700 m away from Tampin

By Bus

You can travel to the complex by using buses 69, 72, 291 and 34. In case you are traveling from Changi Airport Terminal, then you can directly take bus 34 to reach the swimming complex. While, if you are traveling from Parkway Parade, then you will have to take bus 15 and then 34 to reach your destination. Whereas, if you are traveling form the City Square Mall, then you will have to take bus 23 and then bus 72 to reach the swimming complex. While, from the Sim Lim Square, you can take bus 23 and then bus 69 to reach your destination. And if you are traveling from Garden By the Bay, then we would recommend you to use a Taxi service or us the bus 518 and then bus 69 to reach the swimming complex. Though you will have to walk for 20 minutes before catching bus 518, so we recommend you to either use the Underground or taxi service for the commute.

By Underground

You can either use the East-West (EW) line or the Downtown (DT) line to reach the swimming complex, depending upon the location you are traveling from. Though it is important to note that there is a minimum of 10 minutes walk from the underground station to the swimming complex. In addition, you can check the details of the exact traveling with the timings of the buses and the underground at Moovit App.

Nearest Swimming Complex

  • Pasir Ris SC
  • Bedok SC

  • Operating Hours

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday: 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM
    Thursday, Saturday, and Public Holidays: 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM
    (Closes Every Tuesday for Weekly Maintenance

    Amenities at Tampines Swimming Complex

    • Competition Pool (2 meters deep)

    The competition pool is an international standard pool that is capable of hosting any international competition.

    • Learning Pool with 8 Lanes (1.2m)

    Another major feature of the Tampines Swimming Complex is its learning pool. These learning pools are designed to teach newbies and learners. The learning pools have been specially designed to keep the learners safe from drowning during the training sessions.

    • Wading Pool (0.3m)

    The wading pools at the Tampines Swimming Complex promises pure fun. Thus, kids and adults who simply want to splash water around and play small water games simply love this pool.

    • Jacuzzi (0.9m)

    An artificial Jacuzzi is center of attraction at the Tampines Swimming Complex for families and kids. According to an estimate, the Jacuzzi is mostly attended by families and children who want to enjoy a wonderful day at the complex.

    • Synchronized Swimming / Water Polo (3m)

    Furthermore, special pools for diving, synchronized swimming, and water polo are also available at the complex. These pools are not open to the general public. Rather, these pools are only available for professional swimmers or swimmers who are experts in these aspects.

    • Slide Pool

    Tampines Swimming Complex also hosts a slide pool. This slide pool is a place for pure joy for families and children. The slides and pools are extremely safe and conforming to the highest safety levels. Thus, you can enjoy these slide pools without any hassle.

    • Lifeguard Duty

    At Tampines Swimming Complex, safety and security of the visitors is the number one priority. Thus, there are lifeguards on duty round the clock. As a result, you and your family can enjoy a hassle-free session of swimming as the lifeguards are on the watch.

    Major Highlights of Tampines Swimming Complex

    • State of the art Swimming Pools of the Tampines Swimming Complex

    This complex contains 6 pools facilitating visitors of different age levels. It has a massive lap pool, kiddie pool, Jacuzzi, competition pool, and water polo pool.

    • Integrated Community Hub

    The Tampines Complex is a great community hub. It offers The Hawker Centre, Eco-Community Garden, Festive Plaza, and state of the art swimming pools.

    • Disciplined Environment 

    At the complex, you can observe discipline and hygiene at its peak. As a result, all visitors need to wear proper swimming suits. Also, all visitors need to take a bath before entering the pools. Hence, the pools stay hygienic and clean despite the high amount of people visiting every day.

    • Professional Swimming Classes

    In addition to the state of the art swimming pools, Tampines Swimming Complex also offers professional swimming lessons for everyone.  You can learn more about the Best swimming lessons offered throughout the week for all age groups at Tampines Swimming Complex.


    Summing up, Tampines Swimming Complex is a wonderful place for people of all ages and backgrounds. While being situated in an easily accessible place in the city, we recommend you to join the various swimming lessons being offered for the general public. Thus, whether you are a professional, an elderly person or a young person you can avail the amazing facilities of the Tampines Swimming Complex. In order to get more information about each course, you may contact us here.

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