Swimming classes for adults

Why do adults in Singapore have swimming classes?

Swimming classes for adults in Singapore is not only a fun activity but also  the most significant life skills needed in human history after Wright brothers into Flying. It is not only useful but also fun and beneficial for all ages, weight or gender for the purpose of good health. Swimming Classes for adults will help our joints as we age also. Swimming classes for adults will also help us to control our blood pressure as is good for our cardio work out.

How should we learn swimming and also from where then? 

Little Fishes offers a wide range of swimming classes for adults in Singapore. Our programs range from elementary stage which includes floating, breathing and strokes co ordination to advance competitive swimming or lifesaving skills.

Why competitive swimming?

Little Fishes interpretation for competitive swimming is not all about going for swimming competition but to increase the intensity for each training to enhance cardio work out on a more intense pace. Competitive swimming for adults will also help to increase muscle mass as we age. Increasing muscle mass is critical as muscles will degenerate as we age.

Elementary Phase

Beginners level shall cover prone float, back float breathing and ability to move for 10 meters and back. Basic orientation of standing after floatation will also be covered in this phase. As level progress, students will also be able to cover a further distance with the skills learnt. Elementary phase for adults swimming is very important to keep yourselves safe in water environment.

Intermediate Phase

Students will be introduced new strokes to be able to swim a further distance. New strokes like the front crawl, breast stroke and the back stroke will be introduced. With a more efficient stroke, students will feel less tired to cover the same distance. Stamina is very important in this phase to be able to complete a further distance.

Learning outcome with efficient strokes

With improving strokes along the way, students will be able to react in more difficult situations with better maneuverability in more challenging situations in the water. We can also have a better work out through strokes efficiency.

Advance Phase

Students will be able to swim faster and further at this phase with better strokes and distance. Students at this level will be able to cover 400 meters on the front with the same distance on the back. The basic to swimming is swim safe before one can think or swim with more skills like the butterfly. The 4 competitive strokes will also be emphasized in the Advance phase for a good work out.

According to experts, Swimming classes are the best way to learn swimming the right way. When you learn swimming the right way then you can save a life from water danger. That’s why Swimming classes for adults in Singapore are considered as Lifesaving skills.

How to  Keep our Body in a Right Position

Treading water is moving our limbs for the sole purpose of staying afloat is a basic survival swimming skill. It’s something you cannot learn  before you learn how to swim as we need to swim like a sea horse, vertical position to tread water.

Outcome for not being able to keep our body in a upright position

If we cannot swim and try to swim upright, we will be struggling to keep ourselves afloat to be able to breathe thus learning to swim first is the most important criteria to keep ourselves safe.

Egg beater kick is another way that adults can use

The eggbeater kick is a style of kicking where the swimmer’s legs alternate one-legged kicks. This form provides continuous support because there is no break in the kick.

Purpose for eggbeater kick

The eggbeater kick allows the swimmer to freely use their hands, remain stable in the water without swaying, maintain a constant vertical position,and conserve energy. However, it can cause knee problems due to the circular rotation of the knee joint.

Treading water for swimming classes for adults in Singapore

Treading water is used frequently in aquatic sports like in water polo. Even if you’re not a great swimmer, you can build your stamina and learn how to tread water for extended periods of time and increase strength throughout your body. 

Swimming classes for adults in Singapore

Swimming classes for adults in Singapore examined the applicability of confidence profiling to the development of an individualized intervention design. Murphy and Murphy’s (1992) eight step cognitive-behavioral model  designed illustrated potential uses and benefits of confidence profiling when developing an athlete driven intervention to enhance the sport confidence of the swimmer.

How do adults in Singapore swim freestyle in class?

Freestyle swimming classes for adults in Singapore implies the use of legs and arms for competitive swimming, except in the case of the individual medley or relay events. The front crawl is most commonly chosen by swimmers, as this provides the greatest speed. During a race, the competitor circles the arms forward in alternation, kicking the feet up and down (flutter kick).

Why do we learn free style first?

Free style helps us to safety quickly and its the first stroke that complements the elementary phase in Swimming lessons. The streamline position helps us to float on the surface thus helping us to breathe better. Working on the streamline position can also help us to float on our back. 

Importance of floating on our back

Floating on our back will help us to breathe on our back as our face is on top of the water. Floating on the back will also help our front float to be optimized. Manuvering from back to front and front to back will help us to exchange air in a more efficient manner.

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