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Little Fishes is the best Swimming School for swimming lessons Singapore for all ages and levels.
Our swimming instructors are licensed by Singapore Sports Council and have many years of experiences in teaching both young children and adults how to swim with our planned and structured swimming programs

Best school for swimming lessons Singapore

Our students need not worry about not knowing to swim. All students will be guided through closely for the whole period of learning.

systematic approach from the use of a balanced scorecard, underwater pictures of the students to stroke correction and analysis.

We impart swimming skills to the students with our systematic approach, at a reasonable and affordable rates.
Most of our swimmers graduate with recognized certificates from the Sports Singapore with the best swimming school

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Swimming Lessons For All Ages


Principal Swimming Instructor for Little Fishes Singapore
with over 20 years experience providing
swimming lessons for all ages

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Why Choose Us?

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Steven has over 20 years of experience in teaching toddlers, babies, infants, adults and competitive swimming in Singapore Swimming club, American club, British club, YMCA (Japanese section), MOE school programs, Australian, American and Canadian international schools. Steven is also able to write and deliver different program needs.

10k Swimmers

Being able to work with so many vendors, I am thankful to be able to work with so many students. With this many students, I have to grasp students' learning behaviours and also students' learning objectives very quickly. As every student is different, their expectations can be the same thus challenging to meet at the same point. 10000 students. 10000 happy students had indeed emerge as a happy and also a safe swimmer or a happy and a more competent swimmer. Good things are never easy and easy things are never good. Pain is gain. No pain, no gain but In this real world, I've to constantly improve programs effeciently and effectively without the pain. Well, for the 10000 swimmers, I thank you for the opportunity.

Gold Medalist Trainers

The Gold medalist belongs to all the swimmers that gone through the tough training with us. The next gold medalist will be the different vendors that we had worked with. The pain to endure every set and to maintain every lap time is my respect for all the swimmers who have to endure the gruelling programs. My respect also goes to the coaches who had killed many brain cells thinking of the different programs for every training. The coaches and the students are great so is the awesome results that can be produced for all levels. Where is the 'Joseph schooling' then? It's all about the right time and the right place. Michael Phelps is in a different league. A true hero and a legend that some may put it? Perhaps, with the amount of time and effort that Phelps had put in his sporting career. You could be the next gold medalist and the unsung hero too!

Health Benefits Of Swimming

Typical Body

The typical physique of a swimmer is muscular. Vigorous swimmers have toned arms, large shoulders and pronounced back muscles from doing strokes. Competitive swimmers have the added benefit of looking long and lean, because tall people tend to perform well in the sport. A typical male swimmer measures about 6 feet, 4 inches. Swimmers who compete in short-distance races tend to be taller and with larger muscles, because this body types gives them a speed advantage.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Doing gentle water exercises or aqua aerobics does not burn a considerable number of calories, but intense lap-swimming burns between 511 to 673 calories per hour depending upon your weight and level of fitness. These calories burned are similar in nature to other vigorous aerobic activities like jogging, running slow, hiking with a weighted backpack, skating, playing singles tennis and aerobic dance. Working out at this level burns excess body fat at a rapid clip, resulting in maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight at a rate of 1 lb. per week.

Full-Body Workout

Unlike running or jogging, which targets mostly lower-body muscle groups, and weight-lifting, which often focuses on the upper body, swimming provides a full-body workout. The water creates drag and resistance, challenging you to engage your muscles as your propel yourself forward. Most strokes demand using your arms and legs as well as engaging your core to balance your body in the water. Vigorous strokes like the butterfly and the freestyle require your making broad arm motions while kicking hard.

Body Shape

The classic swimmer's physique is often a V-shape, with a narrow waist and hips, broader shoulders and toned legs and arms. Many men and women aspire to have this body type, while others prefer the light and lean look of runners. If you appreciate a muscular, toned and athletic look, you may rank swimmers' bodies among the best of the athletic body types.

Jog It Off

A long-time favorite of competitive runners, water jogging uses the same movements of regular jogging with the added resistance of moving through water. Use a flotation belt to stay afloat and focus on your technique. For a challenge, try jogging without a belt. Like other swimming and kicking strokes, an effective water jogging workout uses intervals of different speeds to push your endurance and strength to the limits. Water jogging exercises the gluteal muscles as each leg extends and in front and behind you.

The "best" sport?

If you could pick one sport early in life that would carry you through to a healthy old age, what would it be? Tennis, says a study that followed a thousand medical students for 40 years. The doctors in training who played tennis were more likely to stick with their sport as they aged than those who played baseball, basketball, or football. They also had lower rates of heart disease. It's a cute finding, and makes some sense. Tennis can give your heart a good workout. It's a sport that can be played at many different levels. And, like swimming, tennis is something you can continue doing into old age. The reality, though, is that any sport or exercise program that helps you be active most days of the week is the best one for you, whether it's walking, swimming, tennis, rowing, bicycling, or whatever else gets you moving.

Little Fishes Swimming Lessons

Knowing how to swim will open opportunities for you or your loved ones to excel in a sport that is popular in Singapore. Don’t hesitate anymore!


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