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We welcome you to another great Swimming Complex, namely the Yishun Swimming Complex. In case, you think that mastering the few strokes is equivalent to becoming a swimming pro then you are wrong. Swimming is a complete art that requires perfection in its entirety. As a result, Yishun Swimming Complex brings you amazing swimming lessons to perfect your swimming skills. Moreover, these swimming lessons are available for people of all ages and backgrounds. Thus, you can master the art of swimming without having to alter your busy schedule.

Why should I spend money on learning swimming?

One of the major questions that a lot of people ask us is “Why should I spend a lot of money on swimming?” It is important to note that mastering the art of swimming is one of the best achievements one can have.  In case you want to understand the importance of swimming for you we will sum it up for you here:

  • Swimming Helps You Stay Healthy
  • Research shows that swimming is the best physical activity that can keep you healthy. Moreover, swimming is an all-round exercise that focuses on each and every vital part of the body. In addition, swimming is also one of the best cardio exercises in the world. Plus, while swimming there is very little risk of injuring a part of the body as it is in other forms of exercises. As a result, you can see that swimming properly can boost your physical health in a very short span of time.

    children in a swimming pool learning to swim
  • Swimming Properly Improves Your Breathing Patterns
  • Where people spend thousands of dollars on expensive yoga classes to control their breathing patterns, you can easily match their physical fitness level in half the time and very little amount proportionally. Swimming helps you control your breathing pattern and create harmony between your body and the lungs. Plus, improved breathing ensures improved blood flow to the organs and a general rise in your health condition. Also, learning to swim properly also enhances your metabolism rate. This can help you greatly if you are trying to lose weight and tone your body. And Finally, a good cardiac rhythm protects you against diseases like high blood pressure and other cardiac anomalies.

  • Swimming Helps You Relax
  • Due to the improved blood flow to the muscles, your body starts to relax. Thus, swimming is considered to be a great way to lower stress after a hectic day at work. Keeping this in view, Yishun Swimming Complex has arranged special lessons for the corporate class of Singapore.

  • Swimming Helps Improve Cognition and Muscle Coordination in Kids
  • Kids are the future of any society. And ensuring the kids to involve in a healthy activity like swimming is extremely important for a nation. As a result, Yishun Swimming Complex has arranged special swimming classes for the kids. Studies have shown that kids who undertake swimming as an exercise grow into healthier adults and achieve more than the kids who do not undertake sports as an activity. Thus, if you want your kids to become the leaders of tomorrow you must teach them how to swim.

  • Swimming is Safe for the Elderly and Pregnant Women
  • That is the beauty of learning swimming. Regardless of your age, gender or medical condition, you can undertake swimming as an activity. That is why we have special lessons arranged for the elderly who want to become an active part of society. Also, we have separate learning sessions for ladies who are not comfortable with male instructors. As a result, you can observe that learning to swim properly is an important thing that can affect your health, mind, and body in a positive manner. Keeping in view the importance of learning swimming, Yishun Swimming Complex offers amazing swimming lessons for its visitors.

    Swimming Lessons in Yishun Swimming Complex

    Yishun Swimming Complex brings you the best swimming lessons in Singapore. We have specialized swimming lessons for people from all backgrounds and age-groups. You can choose the lessons that suit your timing and schedule the best.

    Professional Swimming Instructors

    Our swimming instructors are the best instructors available in Singapore. Thus, all the instructors are licensed and experienced. Hence, you can relax as you will be in safe hands while learning swimming.

    Affordable Prices for Swimming Lessons

    You will be amazed to hear our rates for swimming lessons. We believe that learning swimming should not be out of reach for any citizen regardless of their class association or the standard of living. As a result, we not only provide swimming lessons at extremely affordable rates but also provide special discounts. In order to check for the latest discount and rates, you can contact us via the provided channels of communication.

    swimming coach steven heng and student taking selfie

    Swimming Lessons Offered at Yishun Swimming Complex

    • Toddler Swimming Lessons ( 6 to 24 Months Old)

    These lessons are available for children from the age of 6 months to 24 months. We strongly believe that children who are exposed to swimming develop good muscular coordination. Furthermore, our extremely experienced instructors fully facilitate your toddlers while they enjoy their time in the pool.

    • Kids Swimming Lessons

    As you already understand how important it is for the kids to learn proper swimming at an early age. Keeping in view this increasing demand for kids to learn swimming, we have special swimming lessons for kids. During these lessons, the kids learn the important aspects of swimming like:

      • How to stay confident in water. (Beginner stage)
      • Basics of water and stroke development. (Intermediate stage)
      • Proficiency in water survival skills and perfection of strokes. (expert stage)

    Thus, at Yishun Swimming Complex we have focus groups working with all the three stages of learning. Subsequently, we categorize a newly inducted child and attach him/her to any of these groups depending on the initial assessment. As a result, kids develop confidence in swimming. Furthermore, the environment is extremely friendly for kids. We guarantee that your child will simply love their stay at the Yishun Swimming Complex.

    • Adult Swimming Lessons

    A lot of people couldn’t learn swimming as kids. Thus, we have arranged special training sessions for such adults who want to learn swimming at an age. In order to accommodate the maximum people, we are extremely flexible. As a result, we have arranged swimming lessons for adults on weekdays and also on weekends. Thus, we don’t want anyone in Singapore to have an excuse for not learning swimming.

    • Private Swimming Lessons

    In addition, we also offer private swimming lessons in Yishun Swimming Complex. These sessions are arranged as per your requests and keeping in view the schedule of our trainers. Though these sessions cost slightly higher than the regular sessions, the focused training that you get during these sessions is worth the amount. Thus, we recommend you to reach out to us and discover more about the private learning sessions.

    • Lifesaving Courses

    Also, we are offering life-saving courses for you to be useful when the time needs you to be. These courses are developed for the general public and also for the people who want to become certified lifeguards. Though, the level of training for the two categories vary. In the general lifesaving course, we instruct the trainees about basic safety while at the water. Whereas, in the certified course, the level of expertise increase as you are awarded a certificate to become a lifeguard at the end of the course.

    • Lady Swimming Lessons

    We understand that a lot of ladies do not like to train with male instructors. As a result, we have organized special training sessions at the Yishun Swimming Complex for ladies. These lessons are conducted by lady instructors and in an environment that is extremely comfortable for ladies. Thus, you can learn swimming and feel comfortable while at it with our ladies only swimming lessons.

    • Family Swimming Lessons

    Who can deny the fun of a family learning to swim together? keeping in view the need to provide a family learning session, we have family learning sessions available at Yishun Swimming Complex for you. These lessons are undertaken by families and are usually arranged at times when the complete family can attend. Trust us, this is one of the best opportunity for your family to learn swimming together.

    • Corporate Swimming Lessons

    Similarly, we have special swimming lessons at Yishun Swimming Complex for corporate employees. These programs are available for corporate employees who want to relax after a tough day at work. We invite the corporate employees to come and see for themselves the amazing environment Yishun Swimming Complex has to offer for them.

    What’s More to Know About Yishun Swimming Complex?


    Yishun Swimming Complex is one of the best public swimming complexes in Singapore. It is managed by Sports Singapore and provides great attractions to its visitors. Yishun Complex was originally known as Yishun Sports and Recreation Centre. It has two separate centers with swimming complex just three bus stops away from the Sports Hall and Stadium. Yishun Swimming Complex is a quite old pool. It was first opened on March 30, 1988. The pool provides all the basic facilities for active swimmers.  It helps them to continue their daily training and recreation. The popular areas near Yishun complex include Khatib Camp, Yishun Junior College, and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. There are several food centers readily found around Yishun. You can also grab a quick meal after a good swimming session from the vending machines. They are present at the entrance of Yishun Complex. Though an old pool, Yishun Swimming Complex delivers excellent service standards. A lot of residents visit it for its gyms and sports programs. Yishun is striving to expand its program offerings in order to sports different interests in the market. It is working with the mission of serving the community in the North region.


    Yishun Complex is built at an ideal location having many housing estates and shopping centers around. This helps active people to reach the pool by covering a short walking distance. Yishun is only 3.4 km away from Sembawang Shopping Centre. Besides that, it is 4.2 km away from Sun Plaza, 4.7 km away from Vista Point, and 4.8 km away from Sembawang Mart Blk 511.

    How to reach Yishun Swimming Complex?

    You can reach the Yishun Swimming Complex by bus 169 and 811 or by using the North-South (NS) line of the Underground. With the nearest stations as:

    The nearest stations to Yishun Swimming Complex are:

    • Yishun Ave 3 – Blk 773 (59331) is 111 meters away, 2 min walk.
    • The Yishun Ave 3 – Blk 776 (59339) is 113 meters away, 2 min walk.
    • Yishun Ring Rd – Blk 774 (59081) is 337 meters away, 5 min walk.
    • Yishun Ring Rd – Opp Blk 774 (59089) is 387 meters away, 6 min walk.
    • The Yishun Ave 2 – Blk 763 (59061) is 509 meters away, 7 min walk.

    For more information about how to travel to Yishun Swimming Complex, you can see the Moovit App.

    Nearest Swimming Complex
    • Yio Chu Kang SC
    • Woodlands SC

    Operating Hours

    Thursday to Tuesday: 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM
    Wednesday: 2:30 PM to 9:30 PM
    (Closes Every Wednesday from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM for weekly maintenance)

    Entrance Fee

    Senior CitizenS$0.50S$0.60


    • Competition Pool
    • Teaching Pool
    • Wading Pool
    • Seating Capacity of around 430 People
    • Parking Facility for 13 Cars, 8 Motorcycles, 1 Handicap

    Major Highlights of Yishun Swimming Complex

    • Well-Maintained Swimming Pools

    All the three swimming pools of Yishun complex are highly well-maintained. They provide equal opportunities to beginners as well as advanced swimmers.

    • Several Recreational Activities

    It provides a lot of amazing recreational activities for kids as well as adults. People love to come here because of its family-oriented environment.

    • Professional Swimming Classes

    Yishun offers great swimming lessons for all age groups. The training are held throughout the week with some other activities as well.


    351 Yishun Avenue 3 Singapore 769057 Telephone Number: 67525513 In order to get more information about each course, you may contact us here.

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