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Family Swimming Lessons

Little Fishes creates great swimming experience for families in Singapore. Beyond children and adults swimming lessons, family swimming lesson can be a family affair where members can take part in swimming, and as well as a life-skill. Meanwhile, the learning process strengthens the familial relationships.

Little Fishes gives reliable and efficient swimming instructors who ensure that not only your lessons safe, but also productive.

Family swimming lessons are for everyone, whether you are looking to have your skills polished, getaway weekend or a routine where you and your family can have fun and bond.

father with his child and mother learning swimming

The Experience of Family Swimming Lessons

Little Fishes helps the learners out in our offerings in Singapore. Our swimming classes divide into three. These are:

  1. Toddlers swimming lessonsWhere the swimming instructor get your child to gain confidence in the water, as they work towards the result
  2. Children swimming lessonsRegardless of the level of swimming, the instructors guide the children to learn and expose to the right techniques and strokes to further enhance his/her swimming ability
  3. Adult swimming lessons
    Depending on the adult’s preference, Little Fishes guides the adult to achieve the right technique whenever they use it.

Advantages of Swimming

Swimming as an exercise beats most of the exercises. The ultimate workout has many health benefits:

  • Maintains a healthy heartbeat rate and stress-free body.
  • Improves endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • maintain the body weight, heart and lungs capacity
  • Tones your muscles and increases general body strength

Besides the general health benefits that you can expose your family to during family swimming lessons, there are bonding in the family, which essentially strengthens the familial harmony and relations.

Signing Up for Little Fishes Swimming Lessons for Family

Learning swimming whether as a family or a group of adults and children, motivates each other to finish the race and an achievement for the family milestone.

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