Private Swimming Lessons Singapore

Private swimming lessons

Private swimming lessons is a need for all those children and parents who want to understand swimming better. Little Fishes provides good children swimming lesson and swimming instructors for all your private swimming lessons over Singapore. With Little Fishes, swimming lessons in Singapore have been made available, affordable and more convenient.

Private swimming lessons are important for a number of reasons as they favorable to all situations. Some of this importance is that they:

Develop life skills

Some people just want to learn how to swim better as a lifestyle. It could be for fun, as a way to hang out with children or groupings. Either way, private swimming lessons ensure that you gain the necessary skills and understand swimming and water safety better

Bring learning closer to the home

By bringing closer to home, it helps students who are balancing of studies and swimming as well as parents and those who are caught up with work. The flexibility provides the learner practises swimming lest causing an inconvenience to the other activities. The swimming instructors are able to help and provide swimming lessons at the comfortable distance from residential areas.

Provide a competitive head start for children.

Parents whose children are interested in swimming as a sport, can ensure the skills of the child are polished for the sport competitively. Private lessons will enable that the student gets swimming lesson that puts him/her up to the challenge. Swimsafer 2.0 is the first step.
Swimming brings many swimmers for a chance to be part of the swimming community, compete or even win a number of awards. Some of this awards include:

  1. National Registry Of Coaches  Coaches who hold standard first aid certificate and are certified under the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) program in their respective sports.
  2. Singapore Lifesaving Society Award  The organization provides lifesaving and water safety in Singapore.
  3. Standard First Aid and CPR (All NROC)  Registered coaches are required to own a valid standard first aid certificate obtained through theoretical examination and theory including CPR.
  4. Coaching Level 1 Technical (SSA/SSC)  This is a course open to those interested in coaching fundamental swimming skills and movements to participants of all ages.
  5. NCAP level 1 Theory  the course involves training and developing a pathway for all sports coaches in the community for quality coaching.
  6. Singapore Swimming Teachers Association (SSTA)

Private swimming lessons in Singapore are available in three classifications: Infants, Children, and Adults. The classification for each group gets the best results according to their age as recommended by the agencies. Also, it ensures the lessons will meet the necessary demands for the learners. These are general step by step levels of swimming lessons that Singapore swimming instructors employ in their training.
The learners are implored to ensure they attend all the classes for consistency, and also, to pass the test at the end of the lesson as a measure of their proficiency.

General levels of swimming

  • Introduction to Swimming and Water Skills
  • Basic Swimming skills
  • Stroke Development
  • Stroke Improvement
  • Stroke Refinement
  • Advanced Swimming Proficiency

Benefits of step by step levels of private swimming lesson

  1. It ensures that maximum advantages are met.
  2. It eases the learner into new skills
  3. Rough creation of familiarity

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