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Private Swimming Lessons Singapore

Why swimming is important?

Swimming is a life skill that can come in handy in a dangerous situation: if you fall into a deep body of water, being able to swim efficiently can mean the difference between life and death. That is why more and more parents are taking their children to swimming lessons starting at really young ages.

Why choose our private swimming lessons?

Teaching your kid yourself can be a less than efficient process as it takes a lot of time, it can be complicated and your child will probably not learn as fast as they would if they had a professional teacher. If you want your child to learn to swim fast, do not hesitate to take them to our private swimming lessons.

All sorts of programs

We offer parent and child classeschildren and toddler classes, stroke correction lessons, and we even cater to those with special needs. Just contact us with any question you might have, and we will be happy to answer as soon as possible!

Private Swimming Lessons at Condo, public pool, and private faculty

Be it condo swimming , individual swimming lessons at private pool or group swimming lessons at public swimming complex, our coaches are able to travel to your convenience, and cater to all kinds of timing, from morning to night.

What is special about our private swim coaches?

Your little Fishes Singapore Swimming lessons coaches would be someone who has had on-the-ground-experience of working or competing in stressful water environments. This ranges from formal Naval Divers and Commandos, triathletes and competitive swimmers.
They are then sent for world-recognised certifications and our structured in-house training in personalised fields before deemed competent to teach.

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Are all of your teachers certified ?

All of our teachers are fully certified and have real life experience with teaching in dangerous and high stress situation in the water. Their many years of experience allow them to teach in a manner that is understandable and efficient , and that will be remembered in a high stress situation
Some of the qualifications our teachers are required to have a certification on Standard First Aid and CPR , Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Certifications (SSTA) , and Singapore Lifesaving society Awards (SLSS) among others. If you want to learn more about our teachers and their qualifications do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Why choose us instead of other swimming schools?

Our many years of experience in the area of teaching how to swim have allowed us to pinpoint the individual needs of different age groups. A child that is 5 will be more rambunctious and less able to pay attention than an older, so classes for younger children are structured differently than those with older pupils. We offer private swimming lessons to all groups of age and to all skills and capabilities, and we also offer private group lessons to help you achieve a wonderful swimming experience.

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Parent and Child


Babies (Ages 6 – 24 months)

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Toddlers (Ages 2 – 4 years)

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Young Children (Ages 5 to 8 years)

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Older Children (Ages 8 to 13 years)

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Ladies Lessons


Special Needs

Not only does our lessons teach you all the skills you need if you find yourself in a high stress situation in the middle of the water , but also teach you how to swim correctly and elegantly for fun and for sports. Even if you are training for a job that involves swimming (and you need to train to perform a test) do not hesitate to contact us- the happiness of our clients is the most important thing to us , so we will put all our means forward to help you and cater to you as well.

Why choose us?

We are the best private swimming lessons provider in the area of Singapore. All our teachers are professionals with many years of experience in teaching young learners and in stressful water related situations, Swimming teachers will prepare your child well in any water environment.

In addition, all our classes are structured and modeled in a way that they adapt to the needs and wants of each learner: we study their learning style and adapt our methods to them, so they can learn in an efficient, smart manner. After all, learning is a long, hard process and being discouraged will make our young learners want to give up, so we keep our classes fun, engaging and entertaining and adapt to their needs, so their learning is as simple and fun as possible in hopes they won’t become discouraged!

What our Students Say?

1 on 1 swimming lessons

We adapt to you so we can offer the best attention possible, and match all your needs: we offer private, 1 on 1 lessons at private pools, condo swimming lessons, or group classes at the public pool. We also offer a wide range of schedules and availabilities so we an adapt to the time that is most convenient for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming Lessons for all levels

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