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Family’s Wannabe Swimming Expert

Swimming is one such activity which will inculcate pleasure and health benefits in one go. Whether you are diving into the deep blue sea or in any private swimming pools, this activity will bring forth equal ecstasy in both the situations.

If there is a swimming expert wannabe in your family, we had came up with a complete guide for you and your family.

When and how to get started with swimming?

Swimming is one such activity that one can easily start after his/her second birthday. Even in the foetus, we are swimming experts.

We all know how to float inside our mothers’ womb henceforth a child can learn how to swim at an early age under a swimming expert’s guidance.

Although some parents may decide to teach their children swimming on their own, there is nothing wrong to be a ‘ Swimming Expert’ However it is suggested to make them learn through a swimming expert like Little Fishes

a baby in swimming pool learning swim

Safety is the essence, teaching them the right Swimming Expert techniques are equally forthright as we not only want to see our precious ones swim like a elegant swan but also safely back to us.

Parents are often recognised as The Swimming Expert to our little ones. When a parent tries to teach swimming by themselves, they become little conscious and concerned about the safety of their children which will hinder the learning process and of course the techniques towards being a swimming expert.

To prevent this, one should always rely upon the Professional swimming experts in this field.

Basic gears for the beginners

Once you are all geared up to learn this fantastic activity, the next step is to equip yourself with the right tools and gears of the swimming expert. Like any other activities, swimming also demands specific tool-kit to ensure that you are learning in the right manner. Here is our list of basic and essential swimming expert gears that one should have.

  • Well-fitted swimming suitYou are not going to learn swimming in your track pants. You need to have a well-fitted swimming experts suit for this. Basically, swimsuits come in two variants: one-piece or two-pieces.
  • one piece swim suit
    One piece swimsuit is a better option for a new and young learner as it keeps their shoulders free. At the same time, there should be no slip off and random moving of the swimming experts swimsuit.
  • Two-piece swimsuit is better options for the elders and knows a little swimming. When picking the right swimming suit for the young learner, one should keep the ‘fit snugly’ factor in mind.
  • Darker colours will also be a good choice. It should not be oversized. Do make sure that the shoulder straps will not dig into your skin.
  • If your child is a male then he will only need to be in a well-fitted and comfortable swimsuit. Kindly ensure that the elastic of the swim wear is not too harsh on the skin and do not wear any under garments inside your swim wear.
  • Swimming FinsIt is one of the major swimming experts essential swimming tools for young learners or competitive swimmers as it can help us to learn the fundamental of swimming easily.
  • Fins help us to increase our kicking power and also will be able to help us to improve our kickings.
  • The nice pair of swimming fins will also help us to focus on the arm movements along with the breathing cycles.
  • Focusing on these two factors is one of the major skills that one has to learn during swimming lessons.
  • Swimming CapSwimming cap is also a must-have item for our children as the presence of chlorine in the swimming pool water will damage our soft and shiny locks. It will also help us to keep our hair in place while we swim in the swimming pool.
  • Wet and unkept hair is definitely a great distraction to anyone not to say a swimming experts.
  • Nice pair of GogglesOur eyes are highly delicate and great care needs to be practiced in every situation. When our children start to learn swimming, they will need to have a good pair of goggles to protect their beautiful eyes.
  • Swimming glasses will protect our eyes inside the water and will help to prevent any damage to our eyes as well.
  • Chlorine is omnipresent in most of the swimming pools. It can create a challenge for anyone’s eyes. A nice pair of high-quality goggles will save your eyes from the detrimental conditions.
  • Nose clips and earplugsFor a beginner, it can create much of a hassle. High-quality nose clips and earplugs will be of great help in this situation. We highly recommend silicon nose clips and earplugs for every young and new learner.
  • Durable and well-fitted swim paddlesA pair of durable and soft swim paddles is a must-have accessory for every new beginner. They help them to strengthen the limbs of the new beginners.

Easy swimming strokes for beginners

Some of the swimming strokes are easier to master and we would suggest you start with them first:

  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Freestyle

Bonus Tips!

Right swimming experts – check.
Right Gears – check.
Right stokes, check.
Now, it’s time to learn few basic swimming learning tips that every beginner should keep following for the easy learning experience.

  • Practice the underwater breathing firstLearning swimming is one thing and learning the art to breathe inside the water is another. While you have rolled up your sleeves to learn this thrilling sport, you should also pay attention to the breathing technique.
  • Never forget to put sunscreen on your exposed skinWhile enjoying the swimming in the waters, do not forget that you are constantly under the radiation of the sun. Invest in a good sunscreen and protect your skin, good health is the most important thing for everyone.Come on!

If you think that you or/and your family members are ready for learning swimming, you should search for the best swimming pool and trainers. In Singapore, you can join Little Fishes.

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