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Swimming lessons Toa Payoh

Why do we need to have swimming lessons Toa Payoh?

Swimming Lessons Toa Payoh offers no crazy slides or giant, water-gushing mushrooms here. Just three inviting outdoor pools: a wading pool, teaching pool and training pool. The complex also houses a diving pool and competition pool, used for elite training. two main pools, one teaching pool, one wading pool and one diving pool.

The Games Village

Toa Payoh was chosen as the Games Village because of its proximity to the National Stadium and the availability of the newly-built Toa Payoh sports complex facilities for the use of the athletes. Being a newly developed town, Toa Payoh also had markets, shops, entertainment and medical services.

old toa payoh swimming complex
Location of Toa Payoh Swimming Pool

The Toa Payoh Swimming Complex is located in the heart of a residential community in Singapore. Located at 301 Toa Payoh Lor 6, S, Toa Payoh Swimming Complex is within walking distance from Toa Payoh Mrt. It is closed half day for maintenance on Tuesday.

Developmentally ready

The Singapore Academy of Pediatrics recommends  swimming lessons for all children age 4 or older. They used to recommend that you not begin formal swimming lessons until kids are at least 4 years old, the age that children are thought to be “developmentally ready” for swim lessons.

Beating the heat

Playing in the water is a great way to beat the heat. And yet every year, kids drown.. 40 percent of those cases were among children ages 1 to 4, and at least half of those deaths occurred in swimming pools.

Preventive measures

The good news is that the rate of accidental drowning has decreased in recent decades. This trend may reflect the more widespread adoption of preventive strategies such as pool fencing and swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons Toa Payoh

Swimming programs — including those for children as young as 6 months — proliferate, a difficult question remains: At what age is it ideal for children to take swim lessons?

Competent Swimmers

Kids won’t become competent swimmers until age 6 or 7, says Eric Landa, who was Singapore swimming Club chief trainer and sits on the organization’s Scientific Advisory Council. But it’s a slow progression, he says. “Just like a child slowly progresses from immobile to walking over months,” so starting at 4 or 5 can be helpful, he says.


Concerns have been raised that kids who take lessons too early might develop a false sense of security around water and therefore be more in danger of drowning than kids who don’t.

The Singapore Association of Pediatrics says children can safely take swim lessons as early as age 1. Until 2010, the SAP had specified this number as age 4, but when research showed a reduced risk of drowning in preschoolers who had taken swimming lessons, the organization amended its advice.

Take the Plunge!

Brenner says she doesn’t know of any other studies comparing swimming programs with drowning risk in kids younger than 5. Survival programs such as the Swimsafer and little fishes promise to teach children as young as 6 months on how to maneuver themselves so they are floating on their backs. You can watch babies doing just this on the companies’ Web sites

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